Payment to Teachers and Cancellation Policy

Tuitions are as follows,

JPY2,800(private)~JPY5,000(company class)/one hour

Teachers can charge if students cancel lessons on the same day or are absent without any notice.

But teachers can not charge when students cancel lessons at least one day in advance.

Students will take make-up-lessons if they cancel lessons in advance or teachers cancel lessons. But student can’t take any make-up-lessons when they cancel lessons on the same day or if they are absent without any notice.

Students should be exempt from the charges if they can’t attend classes on account of a train strike, heavy snow, typhoon or earthquake.

Keeping a fair arrangement between teachers and students, if teachers cancel lessons on the day involved, students should be exempt from payment for their late cancellations for the same number of times. Also if a teacher was absent for the lesson without notice, a teacher has to give a free lesson to that student. Teachers should release students from payment if teachers and students schedule a lesson day and students did not show up on that day because of a misunderstanding between the two.

When a student is absent two consecutive times without any notice, teachers have to let E.T.C. know. Otherwise E.T.C. can’t guarantee to collect tuition from that student.

Teachers must make teaching hours reports and have to inform to E.T.C. between the 20th and 25th of each month and only lessons given up to the date of the report will be paid that month.

Reports (teaching hours) should take the following format;

Ichiro Suzuki (for example, student’s name)January 5th present (1.5hours)
January 12th absent (charge)[*1]
January 19th late cancellation (charge)[*2]
January 26th cancellation (no charge)[*3]
February 2nd present (1 hour make-up)
total 4.5 hours

[*1]: “absent” means “absent without any notice”
[*2]: “late cancellation” means “cancel on the day”
[*3]: “cancellation” means “one day advanced notice”

After teaching hours reports are received from teachers calling in, tuition will be paid into their bank accounts once a month.

By the change in Japanese banking law, at present ETC office is not able to open a teacher’s bank account.
A teacher has to open it by own self at the counter of MUSASHISEKI branch office of SUMITOMO MITSUI Bank.
But teachers can open Musashiseki branch’s account at any branch office of SUMITOMO MITSUI Bank.
Then a teacher can withdraw money with own cash card at ATM of SMBC with free or ATM in any convenience store with a small handling charge 108 yen.
(If you ask “SMBC point pack” contract, you don’t need to pay that handling charge. Please ask a man in charge at SMBC.)

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